County law enforcement officers to participate in traing for 'Policing the Teen Brain'
Friday, 29 December 2017 18:09

Law enforcement officers and juvenile probation officers from Pulaski County will gather together to improve interactions with youth through the Policing the Teen Brain training Jan. 16-19 in Plymouth.

“We look to this unique training as a step toward enhancing our work with youth, and as part of the juvenile detention alternatives initiative (JDAI),” said Natalie Daily-Federer, PhD, JDAI coordinator. “Through it, we hope to offer officers new skills in interacting with youth and to strengthen Pulaski’s law -enforcement relationships with youth-serving community organizations.”

“A basic premise of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) is that children who are detained are more likely to be removed from the community long-term.” said Judge Michael Shurn. “This not only disrupts connections to schools, services, and family, it also has lasting impacts on both educational and employment levels. Indiana is committed to statewide implementation of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative. Policing the Teen Brain training provided by Strategies For Youth is a key part of realizing this goal.”

Developed by Strategies for Youth, the Policing the Teen Brain training improves interactions between law enforcement and youth, gives officers a better understanding of the development of the teen brain and thought process and provides tactics for de-escalating interactions and avoiding use of force. An important goal of the training is to help officers be aware of and address disproportionate minority contact.

“Pulaski County is a standout nationally for its commitment to equipping officers with skills and best practices for working effectively with youth,” said Lisa H. Thurau, executive director of Strategies for Youth. Law enforcement officers selected from Pulaski County will participate in an intensive four-day course in which they will learn how teens perceive, process and respond to stimulus using different parts of their brains than adults. Insights will equip officers with the necessary skills to work effectively with youth. Following this training, participating officers will train their peers in a series of events focused on sharing their new skills across the county.

Strategies for Youth is a national nonprofit training and policy organization dedicated to improving police/youth interactions and reducing disproportionate minority contact. Strategies for Youth has worked law enforcement agencies across the country.

Funding for this event is provided by Pulaski and Starke JDAI. Indiana is one of nearly 300 JDAI sites in 40 states and the District of Columbia to implement the JDAI process and the eight core strategies to enhance and improve their juvenile justice systems. Indiana continues to be a national leader in advancing the cause of an equitable and effective juvenile justice system.