Pulaski Christmas Lights on display through Jan. 1
Monday, 27 November 2017 17:23

PULASKI - The annual Pulaski Christmas Lights displays are now lit from 5 to 11 p.m., nightly through Monday, Jan. 1, for public viewing.

For nearly 30 years, the residents of the river village have attracted visitors from near and far to view the lights, offered as "A Gift to Brighten Your Christmas."

Pulaski is located on SR 119, seven miles southwest of Winamac, along the Tippecanoe River.

The light displays are constructed and set up by community volunteers, who also gather after the new year to take them down and store them. Fund raisers are held from time-to-time to cover the costs of new displays and repairs and refurbishments.

The committee spent $11,500 last year on repairs and upgrades to the displays. Another $5,000 is planned for this year. This is all made possible through donations given at the donation box and through individual sponsors.  Anyone interested in sponsoring can send a check to Pulaski Fest-A-Mill Christmas Lights at 2816 W 560 S, Winamac. 

The holiday light project dates back to the Pulaski County Sesquicentennial in 1989 when the Pulaski Fest-a-Mill Committee was established for the village's participation in the celebration. The committee has continued to oversee the light project.

Traditionally, the sentiment is, "The Village of Pulaski invites everyone to come and share in its labor of love, drive through the small town and return home with a warm feeling of fellowship and peace, shared by all who made 'A Gift to Brighten Your Christmas' possible."