Pulaski County unemployment rate ticks up to 4.0% in August
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 19:14

Pulaski County's unemployment rate climbed to 4.0 percent in August, up from 3.4 percent in July, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development reported Monday (Sept. 18). The rate was 4.4 percent a year ago.

The county has 6,051 employed persons in a labor force of 6,303. Last month those numbers were 6,082 of 6,294. A year ago the numbers were 6,156 of 6,442.

The state's August unemployment rose to 3.5 percent (seasonally adjusted), compared to 3.1 the previous month. The July 2016 rate was 4.4 percent. Indiana has 3.22 million employed persons in a labor force of 3.36 million people. The U.S. unemployment rate inched up to 4.4 percent in August (seasonally adjusted), up from 4.3 percent in July. A year ago, the national rate was 4.9 percent. The U.S. has 153.6 million employed persons in a labor force of 160.9 million.

The unemployment rates for surrounding counties in August (all higher than the previous month) were Jasper 4.8 percent, Starke 4.6, Marshall 3.6, Fulton 3.9, Cass 4.2, and White 3.4.

Vermillion (5.8 percent), and Lake (5.6) counties had the state's highest unemployment rates. Pulaski County was in a tie for 45th place of the 92 counties. Elkhart and Dubois counties (3.0 percent) were tied for the state's lowest unemployment rate, followed by LaGrange and Bartholomew counties, both with all 3.1 percent.


EDITOR'S NOTE:  Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sub-state level data are not seasonally adjusted due to sample size. For example, over the course of a year, the size of the labor force, employment and unemployment levels, and other measures of labor market undergo fluctuations due to seasonal events including changes in weather, harvests, major holidays, and school schedules. Therefore, for more accurate comparisons, data should be compared to the same month from prior years, not the previous month, as to better account for non-economic factors.



August 2017 Indiana Employment Report

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana’s unemployment rate stands at 3.5percent for August and remains lower than the national rate of 4.4 percent. With the exception of one month when it was equal (October 2015), Indiana's unemployment rate now has been below the U.S. rate for four full years. The unemployment rate is a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicator that reflects the number of unemployed people as a percentage of the labor force. Indiana’s labor force increased by 4,615 over the previous month due to an 8,007 decrease in employment and a 12,622 increase in unemployment. Indiana's total labor force stands at nearly 3.34 million, and the state’s 64.4 percent labor force participation rate remains above the national rate of 62.9 percent.

In addition, Indiana's initial and ongoing unemployment insurance claims are at historical lows.


Employment by Sector

Private sector employment has grown by more than 25,400 over the year, but has decreased by 4,900 over the previous month, primarily due to losses in the Leisure and Hospitality (-4,800) and the Private, Educational and Health Services (-2,100) sectors. 

Losses were partially offset by gains in the Trade, Transportation and Utilities (2,600) and the Financial Activities (700) sectors.

Total private employment stands at 2,683,600 and is 6,700 above the November 2016 peak.