4-H Livestock Auction brings $85,422
Tuesday, 11 July 2017 00:02

Buyers paid a total of $85,422  at the annual 4-H Livestock Auction at the 2017 Pulaski County 4-H & Community Fair Thursday evening (July 6) at the Winamac fairgrounds.

The amount was down from last year’s total of $120,403. (The 2006 record auction totaled $157,816.46.)

4-H animals sold included cattle, sheep and hogs, plus starter calves, poultry, rabbits and goats. Other items auctioned included kisses by 4-H Royalty and Miss Pulaski County.

The sales by animal species were: beef $9,507.05, sheep $970, swine $41,817.99, dairy $14,784.40, rabbits $340, poultry $5,535, and goats $7,867.50.

Again, this year's auction was aided by some buyer support groups, consisting of local individuals and businesses, who pooled their resources to purchase auction animals to support the 4-H'ers.

Miss Pulaski County 2017 Maddie Ruff's kiss was purchased for $2,100 by Jim, Sheila and AJ Ruff. The 2017 4-H Royalty kisses, given by John Rumsey and Andriana Smith sold for $1,100 and $1,400, respectively. John's kiss was purchased by the John Rumsey Royalty Kiss Buyers Group, while Andriana's kiss was purchased by Doug Smith.

The top animals sold at the auction were as follows:



The grand champion steer, shown by Tori Culp, and the reserve grand champion steer, shown by Regan Culp, did not sell at the auction. Tori and Regan are the daughters of Dan and Missy Culp of Francesville.

Top seller in beef was Ashlee Keller – her steer sold for $4,005, purchased by Beacon Credit Union, Logansport.

Prairieland Farms (Dan and Missy Culp) gave each beef member selling $50/head.



The grand champion dairy finished steer, shown by Sarah Keller, did not sell at the auction.

The reserve grand champion finished dairy steer, owned by Chase Keller, brought $1,522.50 and was purchased by Good Oil. This was the top seller in the dairy auction. Chase is the son of Jason and Stephanie Keller of Monterey.

The grand champion dairy starter steer, owned by Peyton Newman, brought $1307.50 and was purchased by Two Guys Mechanical and O&K Farms. Peyton is the daughter of Art and Melissa Newman of Winamac.



The grand champion wether goat, was shown by Emma Nielsen and sold for $391 to Chris Rumsey. Emma is the dauther of Kenny and Sherry Nielsen of Medaryville.

The reserve grand champion wether goat, belonging to Brandon Putt, was purchased by Wayne Putt. Brandon is the son of Mike Putt, Francesville.

The top seller in goats was for John Rumsey - $2,535, purchased by the John Rumsey Buyers Group.



Audrey Doughty's grand champion meat class chicken brought $400, purchased by Jeff Richwine. Audry is the daughter of Rob and Teri Schmicker of Winamac.

The grand champion turkey was shown by Kyle Gibson, and was purchased for $140 by Mike Putt. Kyle is the son of Tammy Howard and Dana Gibson.

The grand champion duck was shown by Jenna Cords, and was purchased by KV REMC for $325. Jenna is the daughter of Sharon Cords of Medaryville.

The top poultry seller was Katie Culp whose duck sold for $525, purchased by Jim Dobson Ford, Winamac.



Paul Bauman sold his champion meat pen of rabbits to Jerry Locke, Winamac, for $325. Paul is the son of Paul and Tina Bauman of Star City.



Top seller was grand champion Elizabeth Button whose lamb sold for $649, purchased by M&R Ag/Becks Hybrid, Rochester. Elizabeth is the daughter of Melvin and Karen Button of Winamac.

Fulton County REMC gave $15 to every beef, dairy, sheep, rabbit and poultry member who sold in 4-H Auction.



The grand champion barrow, owned by Austin Brandt, brought $717 and was purchased by Good Oil. Austin is the son of Jeff and Tammy Brandt of Monterey.

The reserve grand champion barrow and the grand champion gilt, both shown by Regan Culp, were not sold at the auction.

Top dollar per pound was received by Tori Culp at $5 per pound. Her Duroc barrow was  purchased by James Culp, Bane-Welker Equipment and Kasten Brothers Spray.


Article by Karen Clem Fritz