Bill Watch: What bills has the governor signed?
Saturday, 22 April 2017 17:54

INDIANAPOLIS - Gov. Eric Holcomb signed 34 more bills Friday April 28. He has through Thursday (May 4) to sign the remaining bills on his desk from the 2017 session of the Indiana General Assembly which concluded April 22.

To see details of the bills the governor has signed this session, visit the 2017 Bill Watch webpage:

Holcomb: Lawmakers accomplished much with a 'spirit of collaboration'

INDIANAPOLIS - Gov. Holcomb offered the following comments on the 2017 General Assembly, which concluded its work Saturday (April 22):

2017 Legislative Session

"Hoosiers should feel good about the work accomplished this session, and—equally important—they should be proud of the way their elected officials achieved resolution on the most urgent, complicated and contentious issues facing our state. This session was marked by a spirit of collaboration and civility that should stand as a model for the rest of the nation.

“I commend and congratulate Speaker Bosma and President Pro Tem Long for their strong leadership this session to ensure our state continues on its path of prosperity, invests in roads and bridges, prepares a 21st Century workforce, attacks the drug epidemic, and delivers great government service.”

State Budget

“Once again, Indiana lawmakers, under the leadership of House Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown and Senate Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley, have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to maintaining responsible reserves and building balanced biennial state budgets.

“It seems every week there’s another example of Indiana gaining national attention for our top-rated business and tax climates, and we owe those accolades—in large part—to the fiscal discipline of our state lawmakers.”

“The budget funds key provisions in our Next Level agenda, including increased direct flights at Hoosier airports, funds to encourage and nurture entrepreneurship, and continued support for regional economic development efforts. It also ensures we take strong steps to develop a skilled and ready workforce by investing in pre-kindergarten and credentials in high-need industries for working adults.

“These strategic and targeted investments are designed to make our state stand out as the best place to live, work and build a business. I commend Indiana lawmakers for their vision, and I recognize the resolve it took to advance these programs amidst many other priorities.”

- News release from Gov. Holcomb's press office


Democrats: 'How will Hoosiers' lives improve by legislature's actions?'

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after state lawmakers concluded the 2017 legislative session:

Biggest miss of the session

“The critical question surrounding the 2017 General Assembly is how will Hoosiers’ lives be improved by the Legislature’s actions? What’s most evident this session is what Statehouse Republicans didn’t do: prioritize raising Hoosier families’ incomes. In fact, Statehouse Republicans spent more time talking about raising Governor Holcomb’s pay than debating measures to raise Hoosier families’. It’s a blatant oversight, and the session’s greatest failure. Coupled with misfires on redistricting reform and a hate crimes law, this session was punctuated by missed opportunities.

State budget

“The notion that Statehouse GOP are fiscally responsible rings false. Out of one side of their mouth, GOP leaders demand more taxes from working Hoosiers. Out of the other, trumpeting nearly $2 billion in reserves and a scheduled 42 percent cut in corporate taxes. If Hoosier Republicans are going to celebrate their ‘honestly-balanced’ budget, they should celebrate the school closings and classroom consolidations that are a direct result. If budgets are about priorities, what does it say about Statehouse Republicans’ when their budget puts corporate tax cuts ahead of keeping schools open and putting more children in preschool classrooms?”


“Proposed funding for preschool is not enough. It’s a $10 million annual increase in a $16 billion annual budget. It’s estimated there are nearly 85,000 four-year-olds in Indiana and the current funding level supports 2,300 students. Even if the number of spots doubles, Statehouse Republicans think funding one spot for every 20 preschoolers is good progress. It’s why Indiana’s education rankings consistently trail the nation. These kids are only four-years-old once. By dragging their feet on high-quality preschool, Statehouse Republicans are putting Hoosier kids’ future success at risk. Under-investing in our future will cost Hoosier taxpayers in the long run.

- News release from Indiana Democrat Party press office